Fashion line adopts zero waste and ethical production models

The Huffington Post recently posted this video on Facebook, featuring Tonlé.

Tonlé is a company that designs and manufactures clothes through a zero waste model. If you watch the video, you will see that when they say “zero waste,” they literally mean zero. Every piece of every scrap of fabric is transformed into a product to be sold.

The company collects scrap waste from mass clothing manufacturers and uses these scraps to create clothing, accessories and other novelties from the scraps until no trace is left behind.

All of the products are made in Cambodia, some of which are even handmade when possible. Everything in the production process is as ethical as possible, from using natural dyes and non-toxic, water-based screen printing to hand weaving and ethically produced small notions such as buttons and zippers.

Tonlé’s goal is to reduce the negative environmental and human impact that the development of fast fashion has had on the world. Fashion is an extremely cutthroat industry, and many designers become too caught up stop to think about the mark that their products are leaving behind.

Not only are their tremendous amounts of waste produced from “scraps” left over after clothing is produced, synthetic materials and unnatural, toxic dyes are harming the environment as well.

Humanistically, many of these clothing and accessory manufacturers treat their employees terribly, and their health is rarely ever taken into consideration.

Tonlé’s zero waste and ethical production models are helping to move the fashion industry toward lessening its negative impact on society. I highly encourage you to watch the video above to learn more about their efforts and consider their products next time you decide to do a little online shopping.

*Featured image from Tonlé’s website

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