Gender labels on clothes mask androgynous pieces

Any clothing store you walk into will most likely have clothing separated according to gender. At this point, it’s almost second nature to walk into any store and immediately gravitate toward the side that matches your gender.

We all know the struggle of not being able to find anything that suits your style and walking out of your favorite store empty handed. It’s a terrible feeling, I know. For some of us, it may never cross our minds to simply walk over to the other side of the store and explore the clothes we thought were never “meant for us.”

Androgynous clothing brands are gaining popularity and for good reason (see this BuzzFeed article for a few of the most popular). Who’s to say that people of all genders can’t rock the same article of clothing?

Here are a few examples of items of clothing labelled for one gender that, honestly, should be labelled androgynous. As always, all clothing items are organic and sustainable (at least to some extent).

H&M Ladies’ Conscious Collection Fine-knit Sweater


This sweater may be labelled for the ladies, but it has an androgynous fit that could suit any gender. It zips at the sides and is longer in the back than it is in the front, very similar to something you might find in the men’s section of another store. This sweater is also made from recycled polyester, so it’s environmentally friendly too!

Everlane Men’s Street Fleece Pant


These joggers probably look just like any other joggers you’ve ever encountered before, but Everlane is completely transparent about all of their apparel. Spending upwards of $60 on a pair of joggers may seem pricey, but they are made completely from cotton with a neoprene-like lining, and you can even see the factory they are made it. These joggers may be labelled for men, but they would suit any gender. It is very similar this pair from the ladies’ section, which could also suit anyone who loves them.

H&M Men’s Conscious Collection Lyocell Shirt

hm shirt.jpeg

Bringing it to a close with a pretty moderately-priced item from H&M’s Conscious Collection, this button-down shirt is extremely versatile and could complete almost any look (for any gender). A male could easily throw this on with some black jeans or trousers, and a woman could sport the same look or leave it open for a flannel-esque look. It is extremely similar to this button-down you might find labelled for women.

This certainly isn’t meant to give the impression that every article of clothing is completely androgynous. However, there are some clothes that would look good on anyone, regardless of the label it carries. Next time you walk into a store looking for some basic tees, button downs, joggers or any other pretty androgynous piece, don’t be afraid to search the entire store. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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