Look for Less: Emma Watson ‘Beauty and the Beast’ press tour

If you didn’t already know, Emma Watson has chosen to sport completely sustainable and ethical fashion and makeup while on the “Beauty and the Beast” press tour.

Not only is she sending a message about the importance of ethical fashion choices, she is sending a message that ethical fashion is accessible. She created an Instagram account called The Press Tour to showcase all of her looks. In the captions, she lists the sources of all of her outfits as well as her cosmetics.

However, while it’s great that she’s showing us how easy it is to dress ethically, some of her looks are a bit expensive for the average shopper. I’ve taken some of my favorite looks from her press tour and found similar outfits for less so that you can rock every situation like Emma rocked those red carpets.

Keep in mind that these items still have hefty price tags, but they are dramatically lower than the items that Emma is wearing (for the most part). These pieces might be a little expensive, but they will become staple items in your wardrobe that you can definitely get your money’s worth out of!

Look 1 

A post shared by The Press Tour (@the_press_tour) on Feb 21, 2017 at 12:54pm PST

Emma’s dress and faux leather jacket come from Stella McCartney, which can get a bit pricey.

Here’s my look:

Boots: Good Buys Don’t Wear Leather, $202 (these are the actual boots Emma is wearing!)

Dress: Amour Vert, $108

Jacket: Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal, $275

A note on the jacket: it is real leather, but it is upcycled. All of the products in UO’s Urban Renewal collection are one-of-a-kind because they are made using pieces that were already used/made. Whether leather is ethical at all is up for debate, but I prefer upcycled leather to faux leather.

Look 2

This look is more casual and fun, which I love! Most of her outfit comes from Stella McCartney and a few other brands.

Here’s my look:

Jacket: The Exception, $434 (Not exactly the houndstooth pattern of Emma’s, but any fun overcoat will do!)

Sneakers: Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, $105 (Emma’s exact shoes!)

Sweater: Zady, $250

Jeans: EcoVibe Apparel, $79

Look 3

This look is more formal, which is why I included it! I wanted to find a few outfits for different occasions that you can emulate. Most of Emma’s outfit is from 31 Phillip Lim.

Here’s my look:

Shirt: EcoVibe Apparel, $29

Pants: Judith and Charles, $375

Shoes: Rafa, $365 (my personal favorite!)

A final thought

For many fashion-lovers (including myself), these prices seem daunting. However, there are two distinct payoffs from choosing these items over fast-fashion items: they will last longer and they are ethically produced. My best advice is to acquire one piece at a time and slowly accumulate ethical staple items in your wardrobe. You’ll be channeling your inner Emma Watson in no time!


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